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When you’re down, shop at Vielgut. It makes you feel good. Not only the great fashion and brands that this shop offers, it’s also the staff that give you a warm and welcome feeling. It’s just something different. The large reading table in the middle of the room and the comfortable couch help make shopping here as pleasant as possible. Even for non-fashionistas who are obliged to join the shopping trip…

The store is always beautifully decorated, but when you pay a visit a few months later, you might not recognize the furniture anymore. Local hero Piet Hein Eek is a regular here and every 3 months he redecorates the whole store. It is not only the great vibe that makes you feel good. At Vielgut they believe that a better world starts with your own wardrobe. A consistent factor in which attention to the working conditions and honest materials that the clothes are made from, play an important role.