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Welcome to the least welcoming hotel in the world

Hotel The Match offers all the facilities you could wish for in a hotel. But the chances are you’re not going to enjoy a single one of them. Not our super-fast free Wi-Fi, because real life is much more fun. Not our fantastic beds, because you won’t be able to drag yourself out of the Eindhoven nightlife before 4 am. And certainly not our comfy shower cabins, because a shower takes at least 6 minutes, and that is simply a waste of time.

So check in and stay out. You won’t be disappointed.

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In the city centre

One step away from the best bars, restaurants and shops.


Handy smartphone

There’s a handy device in every room. Use your handy device to find the best spots Eindhoven has to offer.


Best price

We offer the best price and give you a 10% discount on reservations made on this website.

Comfort room Queen

1 or 2 person(s)


Bigger bed more space!

Comfort room King

1 or 2 person(s)


All rooms have the following facilities

  • Super comfy bed
  • Extremely handy Handy device
  • Free walk-out closet

Don't dare to come in

on an empty stomach

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Free walk-out closet

in every room

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Looking for friendship

Take your business elsewhere

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This is Eindhoven

Check in. Stay out.

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