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When the saleslady here says ‘I love it’, then she means it. Label doesn’t lie. The staff here are all about honesty and even when you are going crazy about something that doesn’t look that good on you, they will give you their honest opinion. Don’t you worry, leaving this little shop in front of the hotel without buying anything, is almost impossible. Don’t allow the luxurious feeling of the ‘Kleine Berg’ shopping street hold you back, the prices at this store are friendly! You can even keep some money in your pocket to shine in your new bought outfit in the evening.

The chance of meeting a fashion twin is also slim, because owner Pleuni hates that. Just like overpricing. Every month she travels to Paris personally to shop some cool items. Just a few of each. ‘Sold’ really means ‘gone’ here, so don’t overthink, just buy it. Otherwise you may live to regret it…