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Le cozy



Didn’t save up enough to dream away on the French Riviera? Or are you afraid of the unfriendly waiters in Paris? Le Cozy offers the solution. Warm, cosy and atmospheric. Not only the interior and the menu, but also the staff portray these characteristics. Oui, oui monsieur! Oysters are rinsed away with bubbles and lunch is fast or takes all day. A croissant topped with pata negra and truffle or, highly recommended, a table full of French delicacies. On Sunday is the snack attack when Eindhoven's elite attack a selection of the dishes by Chef Frans. Yes, that’s his real name.

If you go to this bistro in your baggy sweatpants, you will stand out, and not in a positive way. Guests pay attention to their appearance here, especially when they go 'out'. Expensive designer outfits are not necessary, but just look in the mirror before you go (something we recommend anyway, by the way). Though it is not just for big spenders, Le Cozy is not the place to go when you're on a budget. You will enjoy being carefree, but it's not for free, it's free-king delicious.