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Tinder has never felt so real. That’s because at The Vooruitgang everyone swipes in analog style. A paradise for single twenty-somethings, in a touristic part of the city which is avoided by locals during daytime. Going to the infamous ‘Stratumseind’ bar street is a no-go when you're older than twenty, so adult Eindhoven massively gathers at this beautiful bar that feels like a mix between a bar and a club. And for sure it is beautiful, with an indoor garden-on-the-wall, urban design and an infinitely high ceiling.

Despite all the hustle and bustle you never have to wait for your drink. Order it at the bar or just ask one of the girls and guys that are walking around. Actually the only time you’ll have to wait will be to get in. When you come here on a Friday or Saturday night during rush hour, which starts around twelve, there is a big chance you will have to wait in line.